A special message from our CEO, Matthew Rees

Some misinformation has been published regarding the hospital that needs to be addressed. Statements made regarding hospitals that have not been forced to close because of not meeting the earthquake retrofit deadlines are misleading.

If you go to the website of the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) you can see the rest of the list, which designates which facilities have applied for extensions, are in the process, or are not planning to update their buildings. Others on this same list are in a similar situation or have met the requirements for the 2020 extension. Some have no OSHPD buildings and are exempt and others are in the review process.

One example listed on the blogs and in the letters to the editor is Enloe Medical Center in Chico. They have five total buildings on the list, only one of which does not meet the current guidelines. This is an old building that will not be used for patient care after 2020 as verified by Enloe’s Chief Financial Officer. He also stated that it would be too expensive to bring it up to the necessary requirements.

Wipfli, who is the public accounting firm assisting SHCHD in preparing our application for the USDA Rural Development Loan Program is one of the top ranked accounting firms in the U.S. with 42 offices across the nation. They have done projections six-plus years out showing SHCHD with a very positive cash flow during and after the construction of a new hospital.

Do the people making the statements that it does not pencil out have expertise in healthcare finance?  Healthcare finance is complex and without years of training is not well understood. Specifically, the cost reimbursements involved for critical access hospitals is a very complex issue.

I hope that everyone takes the opportunity to vote, understanding that without building a new hospital there will not be an ER or many other essential services in Southern Humboldt. That drive north or south will be a very long one when you are in desperate need of medical assistance.

Please check out wecanbuildit.org where many of your questions will be answered. Or feel free to ask your own questions or contact me directly at (707) 923-3921, ext. 260 or at mrees@shchd.org.

Matthew Rees, CEO/Administrator

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Courtyard view of hospital

Courtyard view of hospital

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